At Stride Running, our goal is your goal. Our coaches will work with you to meet your running objectives – be it your first 5K or your fifty-first marathon.

How it works.

Our coaches are equipped to help you prepare for any race or objective. To get started, simply scroll down, select the coach you want to work with, and click “Get Started“. Then fill out our intake form, connect with your coach, and start running!

After selecting a coach, that coach will set up a time to meet with you to discuss your running and get to know you! The coach will then provide you a fully customized running plan to help you meet your goals.

What does it cost?

For spring 2023, all plans will cost $50.

Our Coaches

Stephen Andersen

Stephen is an athlete representative, working with some of Canada’s top track and field athletes. Stephen also is a varsity cross country runner at the University of New Brunswick and was the first New Brunswick resident at the 2022 Boston Marathon. Stephen is a 4x marathoner and has competed in distances from 1 mile to 26.2 miles.

Donna Mader

Donna has competed in running distances from 5K to 50 miles on the roads and trails. As a triathlete, Donna was also a 3x Triathlon Canada National Team Member and qualified four times for the Triathlon World Championships. Donna has been a builder of running in Fredericton for over 15 years.

Nicholas Larade

Nick has five years of experience as head coach of St. Thomas University cross country and track, and over 10 years coaching beginner through marathon programs. Nick has a background in sports psychology and is currently doing his PhD on running. As well, Nick has been the winner of many New Brunswick road races from 5km to 13km.