Welcome! We are Fredericton’s newest run club: Fredericton Stride Run Club.

Join us every Wednesday at 5:30PM at Queen’s Square in Fredericton for FREE group workouts. All abilities are welcome.

The sessions will include: a short warm-up, some running drills to prevent injury, a workout that caters to all abilities, and a cool down. Coaches will be on hand to provide feedback and instruction.

Workouts will differ each week to help participants target local races. Follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on run club activities and workouts.

Runs will only be cancelled for severe inclement weather or icy conditions.

Why did we start the Fredericton Stride Run Club?

We are a group of experienced runners and coaches who love running and want to help people improve and connect with the community.

We started Stride to:

  • Provide free and accessible workouts to people in the Fredericton region
  • Assist runners of all abilities with running form and injury prevention
  • Provide structured training to help runners prepare for races
  • Foster a positive atmosphere for training
  • Bring the running community together
  • Allow runners of all abilities to enjoy running

Since launching the Fredericton Stride Run Club in March 2022, we have also started the Stride Running Race Series to raise money for the UNB REDS Cross Country and Track and Field team.